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Deal of the week £2.99 pack of 10 Twin Tail grubs soft plastics best for pike and bass.

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Salmon fishing at Endsleigh. what a place to go. Sink tips and black and yellow waddingtons the successful recipe. You need to be able to single..

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Salmon and sea trout from the Tamar at Endsleigh house Great day out , all fish on the fly , didn’t think we stood a chance when we lleft home..

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Email to me from Robert.GRIFFIN@ec.europa.eu of a letter from Bernard Freis director of Maritime affairs on ongoing Measures for protection of..

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Super Elite Fluorine Rig Line  NEW 2014
Rapture sidewinder rigged sand eel 120cm.
Dyna Tex Power Spin Braid  4 strand 110m


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Toshima Inchiku XT120g 150g and 200g


Toshima Inchiku  XT120g  150g and 200g 00089
Boat & Drifting 2 Sect.
Price: 59.99 GBP In stock

We chose this 2,30m length because during our testing it was clear
that this size was perfect to help to perform the simple and
harmonious actions that are typical for the technique of Inchiku

We all know that this style of fishing can give unexpected
catches sometimes, that’s why we have used a full DCG Carbon
blank which makes this rod totally reliable and extremely fast
when you need to set the hooks quickly.

Two section blank, extremely lightweight and with specific salt water resistant features
for the guides like under wrapping fitting.

Premium grade non slip EVA handle.

166-78-300 7'6"-2.30 119 2 200 SiC EVA



great rod for wreck fishing in the UK


also Kabura 150g 2.0m

type inchinku 200g 2.3m (0) kabura 150g 2.0m (0) inchinku 120g 2.3m (0)