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ON HOLIDAY gone fishing

Just to say although e shop is open there will be no dispatches now until the 13 October


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ONLY TWO LEFT 2013 models one 450 200g and one 420 200g

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Special offer on new Cattura MN2.

4.2 m 100g £199-00

4.5 m 100g 209.99

Limited stock

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Caught on all things rapture bowed minnow lure sx 1 2000 reel and insidea 862 bass rod not a bad advert

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Perch fishing specials forlrf and ultra light fishing

NEW FOR 2014

if interested give me a call for special prices o9n these items just introduced..

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Trabucco Oracle Fishing Float for pole fishing in strong flows
Reiz SXT 8000
Reiz SXT 3000


OUTSIDE LIVING for all things Trabucco

Download the brochures for Trabucco, Rapture and K-Karp.

Newcomers are welcomed with a 5% discount, please put in the code NEWBIE when paying.

Contact us at sales@trabucco-uk.com for any questions or advice.

Toshima Inchiku XT120g 150g and 200g


Toshima Inchiku  XT120g  150g and 200g 00089
Boat & Drifting 2 Sect.
Price: 59.99 
In Stock

We chose this 2,30m length because during our testing it was clear
that this size was perfect to help to perform the simple and
harmonious actions that are typical for the technique of Inchiku

We all know that this style of fishing can give unexpected
catches sometimes, that’s why we have used a full DCG Carbon
blank which makes this rod totally reliable and extremely fast
when you need to set the hooks quickly.

Two section blank, extremely lightweight and with specific salt water resistant features
for the guides like under wrapping fitting.

Premium grade non slip EVA handle.

166-78-300 7'6"-2.30 119 2 200 SiC EVA



great rod for wreck fishing in the UK


also Kabura 150g 2.0m

inchinku 200g 2.3m (0)
kabura 150g 2.0m (0)
inchinku 120g 2.3m (0)

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