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Summer bass fishing at Lancresse beach Guernsey the fish are now in and available. .
Night fishing seems best with plastic lures or live eels..

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Isn’t it great when you can help first time fishermen one the daughters long term partner the other my nephews son he is dead keen and listen..

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Large bass in 1 foot of water not once but twice 60 yd unstoppable runs and a lot of skipping over the rocks lovely now a mojito under..

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Bowed minnow catches 3 fish in the Guernsey bass open this weekend last day for the big one tomorrow interesting weather maybe a big fish..

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Fished West coast herm today with lrf gear another paradise found 7 gram texts rigged soft plastics cast across and down the fast tide..

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Serenity Surf


Serenity Surf 00073
Surf Casting 3 Sect.
Price: 120 
In Stock

New powerful CX-1 carbon surf casting rod available in 4.20
and 4.50 meters.

The Serenity series is not expensive but still
features a number of characteristics typical of higher level series.

Blank is stiff and able to cast very far, thank to the calibrated
action, and it has the right sensitivity.

Salt water resistant components, such as the K style guides and Zero Friction Blank.

The peculiar frame design is able to drastically reduce accidental line tangling

171-40-420 4.20 145 3 160 SiC
171-40-450 4.50 152 3 160 SiC
􀀲􀀤􀀠􀀁􀀱􀀮􀀣􀀲􀀁􀂸􀀁Surf casting 3 sections


video here





size serenity surf
420-160g (0)
450-160g (13)
Serenity Surf
Serenity Surf
Serenity Surf

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