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Specialist light surf casting braid. Here soon

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We are on Southbourne beach this afternoon so why not come and have a play with some seriously nice carbon!

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The 2018 catalogue is now live! http://trabucco.it/blog/p/trabucco-catalogo-2018.htm #trabuccouk #trabucco2018

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Loomis and franklin Fly Rods

Trabucco are very pleased to be the sole importer of Loomis and Franklin branded  fly rods world wide

The company was set up in partnership with G Loomis back in the 1980s and although he went on to set up G Loomis , the loomis and franklin company is now one of the biggest producers of fly rods worldwide


Based on the simple philosopy of high quality core components at low cost this partnership brings unrivalled quality and performance for the price into the fly fishing market.


Trabucco Uk is the Uk importer of these rods and the rods are already making  customers very happy

The high level IM7 blanks  , Sea Guide Alps stripper guides and base reel seat and snake rings together with a mid grade portueguese cork handle make up the rod

Each rod also comes witha full hi quality cloth tube and a one year unlimited warranty in the UK .


There are 23 rods currently on offer but the range is being expanded all the time



There is a speciality in very light french leader type rods for the Mid European market as well as a full range of double handed style rods designed in collabration with Sandro Soldarini , an expert in all thing fly fishing . especially the clear mountain streams of mid europe.


The full range is as follows


For prices and stock as well as your nearest dealer please click here

Brochure here

Charlton Park Fishery wild trout fishing

This is 3 miles of exlusive private wild trout fishing based on the Wiltshire Glouestershire border near Malmesbury, 5 miles from the M4 juction 17

The fishing is mayfly mecca in  late may early June and the wild fish are small, strong and obliging
20140518_145347Private land means no disturbance with kingfshers, deer and yes Otters frquently seen


The bank side has minmal maintenance which offer a challenge in its own right but the mnagement are to clear a long stech upstream on the entrance bridge which has recently become overgrown in mid summer to a level where fishng becomes impossible.

Hand made weirs can hold the water back in summer but the ethic is on the wild trout and there spawning habitat in the autumn

20140518_150720Strictly catch and release and any day access makes an ideal fishery for a hour here or there and local horse gaurds pub at Brokenborough is perfect for a small tipple afterwards

More details will be published on this blog as the new year progresses including catch reports and notices of work done.

20140518_171523Restricted to 20 members at low cost reservations and enquires should be made to Bill Morris at  sales@trabucco-uk.com for the 2017 season.



Sandro Soldarini 2 weight 10 foot fly rods for french leader fishing


SANDRO SOLDARINI  specialises in fishing the clear mountain streams of his Northen Italy and Slovenia

These rods being 10 foot long in 4 weight to 2 weight are the best in the buisiness for french leader and light line nymphing from this champion angler

For more details and prices click here!/Sandro-Soldarini-HYDROPSYCHE-ST-FLY-RODS-10-FOOT-2-weight-3-Weight-4-weight/p/57240487

The 2 weight  9 foot 6 with a 6 inch extension piece placed before the handle is causing a lot of interest in the market as it can be used as a medium fast 9 foot or a mid flex 10 foot ideal for french nymphing.


I have been using these for the grayling on the wye as well as the river I run near Tetbury and a sweeter set up you could not find


I have also been using using surfing tapered clear mono  leaders  as a fly line.


These work really well and even cast a dry fly


Hawg wild lures in 6 inch white

6  inch hawg wild lures in white are now pretty much exclusive to bass-2014-08-23_112043bass-2014-08-23_112103bass-2014-08-23_112122bass-2014-08-23_112150white-2014-11-20_165640Rapture Uk after the closure of hawg wild lures


The first batch of 5000 is pretty much sold out


Fish in the autumn of 2016 have been coming out on these lures all over the place    Photos here


also a great article by Rod Lugg on how to fish them


ishing for bass with Senkos in the dark:

Ease into your environment – In terms of fishing in the dark in general, I do as much if not more as in daylight,  I think this as a starting point cannot be underestimated, you need to be comfortable at night – I wouldn’t laugh at people who are afraid of what’s not there, but I’d assume it doesn’t help your fishing if you are jittery. Vision will be minimal to non-existent depending on moon/stars or ambient light levels, so you must be very familiar with your tackle set up, feel and sound will, or should become your primary senses.

Mat Arnold with a nice Senko caught Bass

Mat Arnold with a nice Senko caught Bass

Controversial?  … forget dusk – fish it black as you can get it. I believe that the popular

belief that dusk is ‘best’ can be overplayed. At dusk I just sit down and wait. Every time I ignore dusk, I catch bass. You splash lures into the water on your mark at dusk, forget the night fishing. If you can’t wait to chuck a lure on a mark, watch news at ten, THEN go out. My theory is that the bigger fish move in at dusk to hunt the shallows, lures plopping around them could possibly spook them, we catch them in the dark so they must get braver under the cover of darkness. So I rest the water at dusk and imagine the hordes of bass are moving in just for me! How many pictures have I got of dusk fish? None! How many in pitch black? LOADS! I have fished dusk enough to know that for me, it’s not that productive – so be brave (read disciplined) and sit it out, no matter how excited you are

Water – flat calm, or for surf beaches, as flat as it gets. It should open up fishing to the times you thought you couldn’t go. More experimentation for me in different conditions may yield a different viewpoint in the future.

Retrieve rate – slow – excruciatingly to moderately painfully slow – no twitches, no sink n draw – just drag em back slow – the undulations in the ground under them will impart some action. You can fish whilst sleeping standing up, (ideal for festivals ), the fish will wake you when they are there!

Review the action – Look at how they move whilst you practise in daylight, they are stunning to watch. Try putting your bail arm back over the instant the lure hits the water – imagine the silhouette of the lure from below – bass will not be able to resist this on a long, slow retrieve. Remember bigger fish are deemed lazier than the faster schoolies and will not compete with them – so a slow bait is attractive to them.

Colour – try them all. Top three in my experience are white, watermelon/pearl and black.

Fluoro leader – yes, whatever you generally use, but over clean sand you could palomar braid to the hook I guess – give it a try!

Clip – yes but a better action can be found on the Rapala knot – you might (or the fish might) beat up the worm, but the hook should do for a session – just re-rig a fresh worm on the hook (I use Lunker City Texposer 4/0 or 5/0 ). If you have to re-tie a knot, you have to!

Rod – use a soft plastics rod, you will feel so much more. A fast bass poker may affect your hook up rate. I’m not convinced rod length makes any difference – I use 8ft 2, others I fish with use rods up to 9ft 7! Clearly the longer rods will give greater casting distance which covers more ground, but all my hits have been relatively close in.

Wade – if you must – I’ve seen one angler fish 20 yards back from the shorebreak at a nasty oblique angle almost parallel to the shore and catch fish BEHIND me whilst I’ve been shin deep – that’s very cool angling.

A night time bass on a Senko

Rod Lugg with a fine bass caught on a Senko

Be stealthy – we’re not ballerinas, but just be cool, don’t thrash about in the water.

Travel light – a handful of worms in your pocket, leave your gear up on the shore, you shouldn’t need it.

Don’t bumble – less is more – don’t overcrowd your mark.

Know your kit – can you count your cast back in? Where is your leader knot? Is your spool tight? S/p’s aren’t heavy, they won’t pull your braid right n’ tight – make sure you are properly sorted.

Avoid cross winds – wind in face or on your back is fine, cross winds, forget it.

Drag – usual drag setting, if you have clean sand to the horizon, maybe loosen her up a bit, enjoy the ride!

Don’t blow your night vision – leave head torches to getting in and out the mark, use the red light only for unhooking your prize.

Expect to get hit – when fishing at night, I fully expect to get hit, the anticipation, for me, is higher than in daylight. Feel the tap-tap – that’s the fish investigating the lure. The takes can be soft, the fish might suck the lure up and you could retrieve it from the fishes mouth if winding too fast – hence a slow retrieve and no twitches. You should, if the fish are there get loads of taps once you sort the retrieve speed. Sometimes the take is a more violent smash and grab and run – so be ready!

A Bass caught on a Senko

A Bass being measured for the recent Lure Festival on the Copper Coast

Once you have landed a couple of fish this way, it will eat away at you – generally this method will seek and find a better class of fish, so don’t miss the opportunity to land a lunker – it could be your new PB or maybe that elusive double? bass-2016-11-06_162403bass-2016-11-06_162426bass-2016-11-06_162453bass-2016-11-15_174443bass-2016-11-15_175308

Sea Angler Penn Sea League final won by Trabucco Cattura rod and xps tapered surfcasting line

chris read 2015-08-04_092106 read 2015-08-04_092217









The Sea Angler Penn Sea League final 2015 was held in Amble Northumberland last week end.


The winner was Chris Bugsy Read from south wales with 22 fish, this was 11 fish over all his competitors


Chris has dropped me a line to say he used his trusty Cattura Rod and xps tapered line to help him to his victory.

The first picture of him here is also winning an event in wales earlier this year using his Trabucco Poetica,


The Cattura is a light beach ledgering rod with 3 tips best used with up to 3oz of lead in light conditions for maximum sensitivity ,


Perfect when matched with xps tapered line to minimise knots and problems with weed.

tapered line 2013-11-11_164240 tapered line spec 2013-11-11_174441


Details   HERE  AND HERE




cattura mn2 2014-03-21_134915 cattura mn2 2014-03-21_135018

Sea Trout in Loch Hope July 2015.

4 day visit to Loch hope was a  revelation in July 2015

20150722_121252     Dapping for Sea Trout is not a normal way to fish

It involves an act of faith

Fishing in a weird way for a fish known to have its issues with taking a fly at any time , let alone on the surface in broad daylight



20150722_145128     Loch hope is way up in the North west of Scotland as far as you can go.


Fly in to Inverness and rent a car


Its a 2 hour drive across some amazing scenery,  Stay at the Ben Loyal Hotel in Tongue.


20150723_143441 The Loch is long and narrow with a small river entrance and a river at the top end feeding it from above.


Salmon and sea trout run the river and spend the summer in the Loch before running the top river to the head waters to spawn


Fishing is by the use of long standard float rods 15ft or 17 ft long


Bolognese rods work well as they are telescopic


Also an nice fly reel with a good drag .., just rig it with nylon and tie 8 ft of dapping floss to the end so you can land your fish without reeling in the floss through the top eye


To that add a 5 foot tippet to your dapping fly  , approx. 10lb nylon.20150722_142507


Now dapping fly’s are not any old ordinary dry fly

They are larger  and normally heavier so you can control the weight of the fly against the waves. Traditional dapping flies are the loch ordy or similar

They also seem to work well if there is a good profile


A large size 4 salmon single heavy hook and a muddler with daddy long legs rear end worked well for us .  The legs seem important , a normal muddler was not as good.


20150720_090730  An electric motor is great for the south end as its rowing only otherwise.

Ask at the hotel for help with this or contact the gillie on beat 3 North End: Ian McDonald, The Old Keeper’s cottage, Hope, by Lairg, Sutherland. IV27 4UJ. Tel: 01847 601272.

Various owners have beats on the loch making it an interesting business getting the fishing but it is worth it


also contact South End: Ben Loyal Hotel, Tongue, by Lairg, Sutherland. Tel: 01847 611216. Website: www.benloyal.co.uk

Mrs Heather Gow, Pitscandy, Forfar, Angus. Tel: 01307; 462437, website: www.gowsport.co.uk


We had 4 days on the Loch  between 4 anglers


we employed Charlie a local gillie and a local ex police officer to row us around. otherwise go as a 3 some and take turns to row.

20150721_131031       20150721_130857









WE were blown off for all but the last hour on the final day but in general enjoyed windy and cloudy conditions for the fishing with line squalls and heavy rain at times

Ideal for sea trout and there were more about this year than for many years.


The best fly was a muddler/daddy combo ot just a huge daddy on a heavy size 2 hook

We ended up with over 30 fish   . The best over 6lb , then a couple at  4lb and 3lb.  There were all over 1lb .

This is the best fishing that has been had by the loch for some time, another rod had a nice 10lb salmon on the wet fly and this often works well in tandem with the dap.












The river at the bottom of the loch









The food at the ben loyal20150719_20165520150721_130954   and two nice fish  The request is to put back all fish under 1.5lb and the really big ones but we did keep a few badly hooked fish for smoking



20150722_121737  The biggest fish of the trip   6lb 4 oz







20150722_14521020150722_153308  ben hope and a nice ripple on the loch, ,  fish on !!







20150722_172620 looking down the loch from south end which is split into 3 beats







20150722_121414  Fish on the dap,  keep the fly skimming the surface and don’t let it get soggy  .  Its a real skill of its own the fish will crash the fly 3 or 4 times before taking if you can keep it in the area of the take.  This is harder than it sounds with a big wind.  Really exciting though !



2014_Logo_Rapture22014_Logo_Trabucco_2      SHOP IS CLOSED 11TH TO 23 jULY







Great post from John Brown England International on Trabucco XPS Longcast

Hi Bill,
Hows you? I’m on the scrounge hahaha, that ultracast line that i brought off you in Norfolk? I got Als tackle to get me some in, in smaller diameters for fixed spools, well i love it!! I have been using the 0.305 stuff on my multipliers for the hounds!! omg!! brilliant stuff!! I have even snapped 2/0short shank kamasans with it when ive fished rough ground!! As you know my club has been selected to fish in South Africa in November and wondered if you could supply us with a box/bulk spool of the 0.35 stuff?

We would add trabucco as a sponsor to our printed up shirts and if you have any stuff kicking around that you think might be useful we would be very grateful?
We have a huge presentation at the end of the competition week and each team gives small gifts to each team, so ifyou have some small stickers or lanyards we could give out? Im going to run a fund raising match for the team soon on one of the local beaches and it would be great if you could come down and support it?

XPS LONGCAST FLO 2015-01-17_105820 2013-03-29_164451 2013-05-10_122615 2013-05-10_122648