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Aerial Finesse Master -- hyper custom pro blank ULG extra fast UK design by Rapture. 50% off half price sale

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A Finesse ULG rod that really is technically and aesthetically in another world !!

Always looking for perfection in the realisation of Rod performance input from UK staff in Rapture in the development of the Aerial has to be emphasised

( well done PIP)

.. The Aerial seies is for Rapture, one of the highest quality standards and most advanced and sophisticated.

This series is intended to provide a range of products that are extremely light, powerful and sensitive at the same time to allow perfect contact with the artificial.

Rods of this type can offer a wide range of applications, Drop Shot, Wacky Worm, Caroline rigs, jighead, and much more.

They are perfect for the use soft rubber ultra light, not always of small size, which very often a tool of the ultra light type of rod is not suitable for precision launch and recovery.

Made with a structure in the Nano-Carbon to the two asymmetric sections, designed for fishing finesse .

Action Extra fast , with the basis of conical profile with plug-in spigot, long top section , with vettino hyper-sensitive full-carbon, to feel every little tap.

A comfortable handle split with football in EVA, and rings, ultra-light SIC foot-single, perfect for using braided lines and monofilament.

Reel seats minimal graphite to be in contact with the blank of the rod, with a rubberised finish handle

126-50-1006'0" (1,80)1391+1UL (0.5-7 GR)1-5 LBSEXTRA FASTSIC
126-50-2006'6" (1.98)1471+1UL (0.5-7 GR)1-5 LBSEXTRA FASTSIC
126-50-3007'0" (2.10)1691+1UL (0.5-7 GR)1-5 LBSEXTRA FASTSIC
126-50-4006'6" (1.98)1471+1L (2-12 GRAMS)2-6 LBSEXTRA FASTSIC
126-50-5007'0" (2.10)1691+1L (2-12 GRAMS)2-6 LBSEXTRA FASTSIC
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