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Airblade FS 4000 " FREE RUNNER"

SKU 00397
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Product Details

At first sight, it’s a brilliant front drag reel; lightweight, wide spool, ultraslim

metal body, smooth rotation, precise bail trip, perfect drag function, one touch
folding handle.
But an accurate inspection tells you that the spool’s skirt must
play an unusual role, because it’s free from spool’s structure and can be manually
rotated to engage the free runner mechanism. What does it mean? The
free runner system is, practically, a bit loose second drag, which leaves the
spool free to turn and give line to the fish, so that it can develop the first run
without any risk for the hooklink.

The light drag tension is important to avoid backlash, which would be inevitable in case of total spool’s freedom. When the user decides to start line retrieve, he must simply push forward the handle by

one quarter of turn: in this way, the free runner is automatically disengaged and
main drag gets into play, of course at level previously set by the user.
A click sound informs that free runner system is off, and the fun starts!

Big fish are of course the main target of this reel: carp, barbel, mullet, seabass and sea bream,

which fall to the bait carried by float or feeder rig presented through definitely
finer hooklinks, as the line now gets the protection from Trabucco free runner

The spool’s skirt is milled to provide enough grip to user’s fingers. A slight

clockwise rotation puts main drag off and makes the free

running system start, while a click sound confirms that

everything is ok

After a few centimetres of handle rotation, the free runner system is automatically

disengaged, and main drag system gets into play, of course at level

previously set by the user at the start of fishing session.

The free runner system fitted on new Air Blade FD is quite efficient, because it works right in

the heart of the reel, exactly on the big roller anti-reverse bearing. No power dispersion means superior smoothness, specially in the vital moment of first fish run!.

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