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Airblade Reels as featured in sea angler. Size 2000 on special offer

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In 2012 it is quite hard to show something really
new. But we strongly believe the new Airblade
Pro will be able to amaze, surprise and fall in
love with it. It is a brand new concept that
requested a wide variety of new technologies
expert to create it. And each single
innovation has been carried to increase your
fishing experience. The body is a mono piece
of spacecraft metallic alloy 7075 hosting the
whole gears ensemble. Sides are part of the
main body and so there are no gaps between
main body and side plates and consequentially screws on the body of the reel! All this is so a kind
of one-piece ensemble that can be lubricated through
a special lower port, the unique way to get in. what about measurements? The critical point of every
reel is the oscillation gear, that specific part that under
different commercial names is responsible of the line This is usually the thicker part of every reel on the But the Airblade is only 12 mm thick in that position. Incredible!
No other words to define that. The whole body and innovative, and all the gears, rotor, bail arms else is made of the same special space grade metallic alloy, getting
2 results: to have a durable and super light weight reel (only
260 grams on size 4000). Beside this, a reel with so many (actually
every) metallic parts can be cosmetized in thousands of ways,
just anodizing those parts. The reel is very smooth, using 7 super
high quality ball bearing and one way clutch.

033-70-200 2000 244 5.1:1(67cm) Ø 0.20mm-150m - 7+1
033-70-300 3000 250 5.1:1(72cm) Ø 0.25mm-175m - 7+1
033-70-400 4000 260 5.1:1(83cm) Ø 0.30mm-125m - 7+1

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