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Alien Craw . 0.9 inch 12 pcs


Alien Craw .   0.9 inch 12 pcs 00375

shrimp, equipped with many appendixes of

different shape and texture, to maximize the
number and quantity of vibrations. It is a true
allround alternative lure that can be brought to
life with the movement of the tip of
your rod. Despite the small size, it
is able to attract the attention
of good sized predators. We
strongly suggest you to use
it in those venues where the
fishing activity is very high and
the fish is more spooky.
£4.99 In stock
colour pearl blue (0) watermelon (0) purple (0) smoke (0) green pumpkin (0) chartruese (0)
Alien Craw .   0.9 inch 12 pcs