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Very well designed and superbly finished rods dedicated to shore fishing in salt water. The shorter

models, 2.10 and 2.40, display Fast and Medium Fast action and so they are especially recommended

for sea bass fishing in rocky environment, river estuaries and sea ports. The 2.70 model has a Medium

action and a casting power of 50 grams, so it is perfect for long casts with top water baits, such as popper,

WTD or long jerks fishing for the bluefish. The high grade EVA handle grants a perfect grip in every

condition and salt water resistant frame SiC guides are exactly what you need for these techniques,

since you very likely will use braided lines

125-91-100 Soft Bait'n'Minnow 2.10 m 108 cm 2 7-35 g F 16 PE 8 Seaguide SiC
125-91-200 Jerk'n'Stick WTD 2.10 m 108 cm 2 10-45 g MF 16 PE 8 Seaguide SiC
125-91-300 Heavy Jer'n'Stick 2.40 m 123 cm 2 15-60 g F 20 PE 9 Seaguide SiC
125-91-400 Inshore Poppin' 2.40 m 123 cm 2 20-80 g MF 20 PE 9 Seaguide SiC
125-91-500 Distance'n'Inshore Jig 2.70 m 139 cm 2 20-50 g M 20 PE 9 Seaguide SiC
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