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Bay reef special sparide 2.7m 120g 6 -8lb class Black Bream special

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The name of this series makes it easy to guess the family of fish to which it has been specifically addressed.

Sea Bream

As it’s well known, the Sparidae family includes most of the species sought after by coastal hunters, including
Sea Bream, Striped Sea Bream, Gilthead Bream, Saddled Seabream, etc. Made in two sections from CX-1 High
Modulus carbon, it’s aimed at satisfy those fishermen who set up their coastal
bait fishing sessions with the target of catching one or more of the bream species ”. The ultra-sensitive top section makes it possible to perceive even the most
shy bite; the body power helps fighting even the most energetic fish.
Perfect for the use of worms or shrimp. It allows fishing with weights up to 5 oz but can also be
optimally used with 2oz or 3oz grams lead.
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