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Bowed Minnow 90mm & 110mm Floating

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Innovative bait whose shape is different from the vast

majority of existing lures on the market nowadays. It can

be retrieved in many different ways and its movement

will be always irregular and wild. If retrieved slowly with

small jerks it will simulate a small fish feeding on surface,

chasing on newborn insects. If retrieved in a fast way it

will swim in a crazy way with frequent side lateral sprints

and sudden accelerations towards the bottom, imitating

at perfection a blessed minnow or a dying fish trying to

search for some shelter. It is for sure not a trivial bait and

it will represent something new for the biggest predators

that usually have already seen all the baits you already

have. It is the right lure for every condition, in fresh and

salt water thanks to its versatility and its unique ability to

adapt itself to whatever retrieving style.

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