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Chibi Crank 28mm small floating crank for perch and chub. 1.8g

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This small floating crank of just 28 mm and 1,8 grams

weight looks like a little gem.

It is made from an extremely hard polymeric plastic material and is carefully

painted with high visibility colours.

It seems a collector’s item, but it’s tremendously effective once in action.

It is equipped with a size 8 chemically sharpened Powerpoint

barbless single hook and thus can be used in reservoirs


Black Nickel finish grants long term point penetration,

as it protects the hook from abrasions. This is the

perfect lure to tempt predators like sea bass and zander in

the shallower waters of lake’s and estuary margins, but also used for

chub in wild, clear streams.

All components, such as the snap and split ring,come with stregth and durability in mind

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