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Dream Team Margin Carp 6006 strippa system

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xtr margin carp 6006 pole

This High Resistance carbon blank can face the toughest battles, even though the chance to drive the elastic through the dedicated door (XTR Strippa on section nr. 2, now larger than ever with 4 mm width) reduces the stress on the pole because most of the fight is run with rod tip in line with the rig.

Nothing to do with those standard commercial “speedy” poles, which aren’t speedy at all because the pressure on fish is so high to cause panic, with longer fight time and growing chances to miss a few fish.

Easy to clean, the rod’s surface has been slide finished (Trabucco A.S.E.F.) to smoothly run forth and back by hundreds of times.

The XTR Margin Carp has all sections put-over, including top with 4 mm bore, and is supplied with an extra 2 section’s kit (2,60 m), exactly same as the top two sections of the pole.

Further kits of 2 or 3 sections - all fitting Strippa System - can be bought separately.

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