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Dyna Tex Power Spin Braid 4 strand 110m


Dyna Tex Power Spin Braid  4 strand 110m 00123

Dyna-Tex is a super abrasion resistant braided multifibre line that
can be used for spinning, vertical jigging, long range casting or for
fishing with every other technique.

It is practically non-elastic and incredibly soft to allow long casting.

Dyna-Tex colour is moss green with a twist of yarns resistant to abrasion and twisting.

When used as a shock leader it can be connected to the main line with a Mahin
knot. For attaching a swivel we recommend the use of
the Palomar knot and Eyed hooks can be fitted with
the “knotless knot”.

The 80lbs version is targetted at big catfish fishing

£9.99 In stock
size .10mm 15lb b/s (0)