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ENERGIA XR BOLO 6 to 8 m available to order ex Italy

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Energia XR

A name that has made the history of the Trabucco

bolognese, which still today summarizes his great
experience in rod design. In the bolo rod’s scenario,
too much is said about casting performance and
too little about fighting with fish, almost nothing
about the protection of the hooklink from the risk
of breakage by linear traction. Today, big fish are
more frequent than ever in a fishing session, which
is why, instead of the casting power, we prefer to
identify in the maximum diameter of the hooklink
the fundamental characteristic of each rod. The
series within the Energhia family are four, all sensibly
different, all with perfect actions and with modulated
response speed. Guides and reel seats are free
from corrosion, to allow you to easily switch fromthe river to the sea

Pro Light

.Within the Energhia XR family, the Pro Light plays a dual role. On one hand it solves the most difficult days allowing the use of fine hooklinks; on the other it is indispensable in short range or top water fishing with lightweight rig’s shotting, one of the most exciting situations because a big fish plays its cards with a fast start to reach a safer area. In both cases, the hooklength is protected by the action softness of top three sections, perfectly cooperating with the rest of the blank thanks to the fantastic X-Joint. High leg Sea Guide SiC guides have the corrosion free frame, with a sliding guide on the second section to distribute stress. The slimness of the handle and the overall lightness of the rod make you dream memorable fishing days.
XR MASTER B - It’s the lightest action, capable of solving the most difficult
days allowing the use of thin hooklinks. In addition, it is essential in the short
range fishing or with light weight float rigs, one of the most exciting situations
because fish plays its cards with a fast start. Recommended rig’s weight within
12/15 grams and maximum hooklink’s diameter 0,16 / 0,18 mm.
XR ENER-LIGHT - Expands the range with ultralight but surprisingly powerful
blanks, if compared to the slimness of their geometric profile. Thanks to
the construction with one section less than the tradition, the weight has been
strongly reduced, but the CX2 carbon technology grants same sharpness. Recommended
rig’s weight within 15/18 grams and maximum hooklink’s diameter
0,16 / 0,18 mm.
XR FINALIST - Versatile as a top match angler, able to perform a mixed bag
fishing at medium range, but also to quickly adapt to the sudden pull of a bonus
fish which must absolutely be landed. The presence of the eight meters rod in
the series is important to tackle fairly deep rivers. Recommended rig’s weight
within 15/20 grams and maximum hooklink’s diameter 0,18 / 0,20 mm.
XR ALLROUND - Highly reactive blanks, able to put in trouble Barbel and Carp,
but also the more powerful marine fish. At first check, they give a feeling of
power, but under load they draw a perfect curve. Great authority, therefore, both
in casting and during the fight. Recommended rig’s weight within 15/25 grams

and maximum hooklink’s diameter 0,18 / 0,25 mm.

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