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Energia XR Master T Whips available spring 2018 6 to 9 meter


Energia XR Master T Whips  available spring 2018 6 to 9 meter 00547
Telescopic whip with lightweight blank, ideal for fishing with medium-light rigs and fine
lines of 0,20 mm maximum diameter
• High grade CX-2 Nano-Tek carbon blank with low resin’s content
• Sharp and flexible action at the same time, able to absorb the most unexpected pulls
• Special joints with 45° carbon bands allowing for a flawless curve (X-Joint)
• Rod provided with two tips, one tubular and the other spliced with carbon solid tip.
• Hi-Tech joints to prevent blockage in the presence of moisture (Anti Grip)
• Each rod is supplied with a special connector, which prevents line from tangling around
the tip end
• Ultra lightweight aluminum butt cap with rubber shock absorber

• Velcro band for fixing the rig’s winder during transport

It’s well known that all joints connecting
rod’s sections are weak points, both from
strength and action’s point of view, as they
cause those “dead spots” which are risky
in term of breakage, beyond the bad looking.
The solution is hidden in the X-JOINT
technology, which means that - on joints
area - carbon cloths are laid by 45° angle
instead of 90°.
• Perfect curve, without dead spots.
• Unique coexistence of flexibility and
• Higher structural strength, because stress
is dispersed through the blank, instead of
being concentrated on joint’s ends.
• Less oscillations at the end of casting,
which means quicker re-alignment of
Within X-Joint by Trabucco, the carbon
cloth is wound by two directions, and such
construction is visible on top end of each section

The carbon fibers oriented

along the longitudinal
rod’s axis (0° unidirectional
carbon) provide
great resistance to linear
The carbon fibers oriented
at 90° to longitudinal
rod’s axis enable the cross
section to resist the compression
caused by strong
The X-Joint carbon fibers,
oriented at ±45° to rod’s
axis, are able to absorb and
disperse the torque, improving
the joint’s performance and
saving the rest of the section


Each Energhia Pro XR rod comes with a special
line connector, to be glued on top tip, that eliminates
line tangles thanks to a rotating device,
similar to a microscopic swivel, which is connected
to a string that ends with a slight head.
The weight of such connector is absolutely irrelevant,
but its benefits can be immediately seen
£193 In stock
length 6.0m (0) 7.0m (33) 8.0m (68) 9.0m (138)