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Fierce squid jigs

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Fierce Squid Jig is a real winning weapon available to squid and cuttlefish anglers, also known as

Carefully crafted from selected materials, they are decorated with particularly nice colors;
Fierce Squid Jig carefully replicates the most common prey of cephalopods, combining excellent casting
attitude with attractive swimming and darting under jerk action that can trigger predator’s attack.
These Egi lures are definitely ideal for solving complicated situations, perfect both for fishing from the
boat or from piers and cliffs.

The oversized and three- dimensional eyes increase the attractiveness power in low light conditions.

Their colours are designed in combination with the body to increase attack’s chances.
Lateral feathers mimic the appendages of prawns and the fins of cephalopods, stimulating
the attack of the artificial lure also through the perception of vibrations
in addition to visual attraction. The body is dressed with
a particular fabric that mimics the forage of
cephalopods, thus providing a higher number of attacks and greater
chance to be retained by the predator.
The lead profile is designed
to reduce friction
in water, thus easing
fishing action, minimize
the chances of snagging
and stabilize the swimming
of the Egi, even in
the presence of current.
Some details of the hook’s
crowns and body
are made with fluorescent
finishes, capable
of emitting light radiation
particularly sensitive
to the sight of squid
and cuttlefish.
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