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Inspiron FD Carp Commercial 10 foot 90 g 3.1 m

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Super Slim rod made from Super High Modulus CX-1 micro-pitch with low resin

content and a fast and powerful action, born to experience the commercial lakes
with method or pellet feeder weighing up to 90 grams. Manufactured in 10 and 11
foot sizes with Medium Power action, it has a natural cork grip with EVA lower grip,
LS series SiC Sea Guide guides for fast heat dispersion, which allow for a smooth
flow of monofilament lines and are also perfect when using braided. The screw
reel seat is nicely finished with a matt rubber lacquer; supplied with 3 carbon tips
with different actions: Light, Medium and Heavy. Ideal for summer margin fishing,
it can reach important distances with medium heavy feeders and method feeders.
This rod is appreciated for the great power reserve that it can display during the
fight with large carp, in contrast to the slim and lightweight structure

153-07-310 10’2” (3,10) 154 2+3 MP 90

153-07-340 11’2” (3,40) 170 2+3 MP 90( available ex Italy)
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