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Inspiron FD advance master 12 foot 75g 13 foot 90g

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Rods made from High Modulus CX-1 carbon under Micro Pitch construction system,

which allows an ideal distribution of the resins between the layers; they are
supplied with 3 Full Carbon HQ spineless tips with different actions, on which a
new color system has been used to make them highly visible in any light condition.
Excellent for medium and long-distance fishing with the use of feeders weighing
up to 75-90 grams, they are equipped with natural cork handle with shaped EVA
inserts that, in addition to allowing a good grip, ease the cleaning operation at the
end of the fishing session.
The SiC Sea Guide guides allow for a smooth run of the monofilament, but they are also perfect when using braids; the anatomic screw reel seat is covered with matt rubber paint. In order to ease the assembly and
dismantling of the sections, a special Tape Grip has been applied near the joints,
which greatly help gripping

153-04-360 12’ (3,60) 127 3+3 M 75

153-04-390 13’ (3,90) 136 3+3 MH 90


Action powerful and progressive, which is good for fishing in the great lakes, which is ideal for canals or rivers, to the current average, with the weights within the 75/90 gr, all carbon super high modulus CX-1 with a winding system Micro Pitch and weave with a thin tape of carbon fibre, and provided with 3 vettini in Full Carbon HQ without plug.

• Powerful action, and progressive is able to launch weights within the 75/90 g, excellent in the great lakes, which is ideal for canals or rivers with currents medium
• Carbon structure and Super High Modulus CX-1 with a winding system Micro Pitch and weave with a thin tape carbon
• Supplied with 3 vettini in Full Carbon HQ without plug with different actions, contained in the tube of protection that, in addition, to preserve them from breakage, and makes it easy to transport
• New system of colouring of the final part of the vettini that increases the visibility, by immediately perceiving even the smallest movements on her more suspicious.
• In the vicinity of the joints is the application of a special Tape Grip that makes it easy to grip in the phases of assembly and disassembly of the sections
• Natural cork handle shaped with part of the final Eva, as well as allowing an excellent grip makes it easy to clean at the end of the fishing session
• Rings SiC Sea Guides series Titanium Oxide for a perfect sliding of the monofilament, making it perfect in the case of using braided line
• Port screw reel seat with rubberized coating, matte anti-slip to improve grip
• New firm love made with ring round recliner, which allows for easy attachment of the hook, without creating any impediment in the launch phase

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