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Invictus FA top level reel 3 sizes sale price £99.99 from £150.00

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The Invictus is the latest project of excellence achieved by Team Trabucco and

can boast a number of very interesting innovations.

Constructed with a hybrid aluminum and graphite to maximize the benefits of both materials: the body is made of aluminum and therefore very rigid, to the benefit of improving the functioning of all the gears, while the rotor is made of carbon, much lighter that if it were made of aluminum.

The rotor, in particular, is completed by a headband cable with double thickness, very

sturdy and resistant. The coils are supplied two, both-turned from a

single block of aluminum. One was designed for the monofilament and has a larger capacity,

while the other is specific for braided, having a smaller capacity, and a rubber band

placed at the center of the throat to prevent any slippage.

The edges of both spools are tilted, giving life to the V-Spool Design, which allows the line to escape much more easily, increasing casting distance.

The clutch has carbon discs and steel and is sealed to prevent dirt or salt can penetrate.

Even the crank has been produced on a lathe from a single block of aluminum.

The bearings are 9 + 1, of the type in stainless steel double shielded. With a ratio of 5.2: 1,

Invictus is a great reel not only for fishing in pits or rivers english style especially in sizes 2500 and 4000, but it is also a superb spinning reel and feeder,



• Metal body ultra-rigid

aluminum • Side cover

• Rotor Carbon

• Binaural tubular aluminum

Hub thread guide • Anti-twist

titanium coated

• clutch with multiple discs in carbon

and stainless steel, sealed against the ingress

of water and dust

• Coil primary aluminum,

served by two ball bearings

• Coil additional match in

aluminum (with rubber band)

• Post stainless steel

• Stainless steel bearings with double


• Crank obtained by turning from

a single block of aluminum

Special metal alloys and carbon at

high module: only the knob of the handle

is produced in a traditional material.

But the materials can not nothing if

not intervene technology to handle them, and in

this case has been made extensive use.

With just two rounds crank, with a

big fish on the other end, to

experience the special strength that we never

suspected was hidden inside

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