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KHAMSHIN NGX SURF 200g 4.2 2 tips 1 solid carbon 1 hybrid

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Blank made from Super High Modulus CXN Nano Tek carbon (Low

Resin Content)
• Slick Surface blank finish that repels moisture and water drops, thus
avoiding line sticking
• 45° carbon sheet on joints to achieve a perfect action curve (X Joint)
• Fine and ultralight metal ring reinforcing the top end of lower sections
172-15-200 + HY 4.20 H G 4.05
145 3
HY 200
NG 27-35
• Rod supplied with 2 top sections: HY Hybrid Tip with solid carbon tip;
NG Nage Japan Style with tubular profile
• The final part of the tip is coloured with hi-viz paint
• A special rough paint has been applied to the joints to provide grip
during the assembly and dismantling operations
• Sea Guide SiC with K profile frame, corrosion free thanks to PVD
• Each guide is fixed by double wrapping to seal the feet against
corrosion and salt
• Fuji NS size 7 plate reel seat with rubber lining to also accommodate
large size reels
• Exclusive butt grip made from shaped rubber to ensure a good casting
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