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Loomis and Franklin two handed salmon rods . Switch. Skagit. Scandi and Spey

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Fast actioned, high-modulus IM 7 carbon fibre blanks with a grey finish for 2017


Tried and tested all over the world with the toughest of fish .

Built in Taiwan to European and American highest big river standards

One year unlimited warranty

Ultra reliable medium fast progresive blanks and ALP SIC guides and reel seat

Top quality cork handles-

Tasteful matt aluminium screw reel seats-

Ceramic lined high quality SIC stripper ring- Hard chromed alloy snake rings-

Full wells double handles with fighting rod butts-

4 piece construction for convenient storage and easy transportation-

Supplied in a strong cordura rod tube

Spey rods

A classic style middle action rod ideal for people starting on Salmon fishing

A great back up rod as well.

Using a shorted length spey lines this rod casts an awful long way and laned fish to 20 kilo in Russia this year no problem

Switch rods a quick explaination

Switch Rods are a relatively new concept and have become very popular in recent years. In reality there are only two groups of fly rods – single and double-handed. Switch rods are short double-handed rods (11’-12’) that give the option of casting single-handed should the need arise (hence ‘switch’). Any salmon or sea-trout angler will find a switch rod a useful addition to their armoury, and get much enjoyment using these lightweight and versatile double-handed rods, particularly on smaller rivers.

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Scandi rods

A mix beween a fill heavy duty Skagit and a switch rod. This style has really come to the fore in recent years and has a lot going for it. A short shooting head fly line (10-14m) is attached to a thin running line and allows efficient casts to be made with a more tip-action orientated rod and a punchy casting style focused on low effort power strokes driven by the bottom hand. This is an easy way to fish sunk lines as the short lengths of line on the water at the point of recasting are easily controlled

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skagit Casting – Again another new style, this time from the USA using a fly line with a short thick belly floating (our intermediate) section to cast fast sinking tips and large flies. A new suite of casts have been developed to go with these lines including the Perry Poke, Circle ‘C’ and Snap ‘T’. These are termed ‘sustained anchor casts’ and have the advantage of being less timing critical than other speycasts. Although this style lacks some elegance and delicacy it more than makes up for this by its ability to overcome difficult bankside conditions and awkward winds.

Rods need to have a softer tip and load deeply to maximise the efficiency of this style.

New skagit version 2018 now available for diagrams

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