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Marvel long cast 5500 LC reel

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It happens quite often the anglers must adapt to the reels offered the market. This happens because not always the producers hears

properly the requests and the needs coming form their customers.

We tried to hear to them and we think to have given an answer

to all the people asking for a reel suitable for heavy feeder

fishing and for salt water fishing from the coast, even with heavy

maggot feeders. The Marvel LC is a compact body reel, it is 5500

sized, featuring a large long cast conical aluminium forged spool.

The gears, as the 6 Long Life Ball bearings and the one way clutch,

are salt water protected. We strongly wanted this protection because

otherwise we would have left unsatisfied so many of our customers. The

we wanted a perfect line lay, that’s why we opted for a Worm Gear low

oscillation spooling. Thanks to this solution whatever line, even the smaller

diameter, can be used and not mistreated. Finally the smooth drag is

made with stainless steel and Teflon washers. The Marvel LC comes with

a spare graphite spool and an aluminium handle

033-86-550 5500 550 4.9:1 (93cm) Ø 0.21mm – 270m 1 6+1

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