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Offset Texas rig worm hooks for soft plastics

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Offset Wide Gape hook designed to bait worms and creatures with fat bodies.
In its smallest sizes it can be well employed also for drop shot techniques
in conjunction with small shads. Featuring high carbon steel and super
sharp needle points.
Brand new hooks with a classic shape to bait worms and creatures with
thinner bodies. They’re built with a thicker and tougher profile than
the O’Shaughnessy this to deliver even a stronger hooks for difficult
conditions in heavy cover spot. The chemically sharpened needle points
will assure a perfect hook’s penetration.

Offset Worm

01 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 5/0

Code Size Pcs

Code Size Pcs
200-54-005 5/0 10
200-54-006 4/0 10
200-54-007 3/0 10
200-54-008 2/0 10
200-54-009 1/0 10
200-54-010 01 10
200-54-020 02 10

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