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Power XS hooks FEEDER HOOK 14 16


Power XS hooks  FEEDER HOOK 14 16 00551

It has a lot of power to spare, this classic feeder hook, designed to arrange nice presentations

of pellets and mini boilies when fishing for carp, barbel and clarius. The only concession
to the kindness is given by barb size, very small, although this detail is motivated by the
need to enhance the self-hooking property, a peculiar trait of the method feeder technique.
The slightly out-turned eye favors the Knotless Knot hair rig tying, the one-way contamination
from carp fishing in the modern feeder area.


In spite of being oriented to same fish species of

some other fishing techniques, the feeder fishing
has some peculiarities that make necessary specific
hooks. First of all, the existence of a match circuit
has increased the awareness of hookbait balance
importance, in which the weight of the hook matters
The extensive use of multi-fiber lines, without any elasticity,
puts the hook under extreme stress, despite the use
of shock leader surely cushions it.
Finally, the Method Feeder involves short hooklinks and
causes strong reactions by the fish, because the bait
presentation is so good that the takes are quite confident:
a scenario in which the hook must bear enormous
traction, concentrated in a short time span.
That’s why we developed this special hook’s range, finished
in Matt Black,
mostly eyed and featuring an accurate balance between
strength of the structure and efficiency of the point.
• The reliability, a primary value, considering the size and strength of target fish
• The eye, as with knotless knot a new world of opportunities is available to everybody
• The Matt Black finish, which doesn’t cast any glare in the water, avoiding to scare fish
• The Barbless solutions, modern, not fashionable but simply vital for the serious angler
• The wire diameter indication, which enables to compare and evaluate hook’s strength
£1.99 In stock
SIZE 14 (0) 16 (0)
Power XS hooks  FEEDER HOOK 14 16