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Similar to Chuck, also Momoko is infallible
in all situations where predators are
active in the surface or in shallow waters
. The aerodynamic shape and weight
of 16.5g make possible to reach long
casting distance and to have extreme
accuracy. Ideal for sea bass, bluefish,
while in fresh water is effective with pike,
catfish and bass.

Floating lure, extremely resistant and aerodynamic, wich
make possible to cast at incredible distance, even with
strong wind. The lip has been reinforced and provide
this lure with an incredible action, new holographic colors
and saltwater proof treble hooks make this product
a superb lure.

Thanks to the heavy duty components
and lip is possible to use this lure in shallow or rocky

Perfect for sea bass, bluefish, barracuda in the
sea, but also for pike in freshwater.

PRB version 120g caught the largest fish this year for Tim Harrison, sea angler contributor and guide

Buoyancy : Suspending
COde : 180-05-3__
Length Weight
12.0cm 16.5g

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