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Rapture Chuck 95 cm 10g floating minnow

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Popper or minnow? The answer is Chuck!

This brand new floating lures can be used any time
you need to target predatory fish near the surface.

Thanks to its aerodynamics is possible to make long cast
even in strong wind conditions.

You can retrieve as a minnow or it may work like a popper.

Ideal for sea bass,
bluefish has given good results also with pike, catfish
and bass in fresh water.

9.5cm 10.0g

Hooks : #04 VMC Permanent Steel
Running Depth : 0-0.8m
Buoyancy: Floating
COde : 180-06-0__

Blue Sardine
Lumi Belly
77 / SBD/LB Silver
Blue Dotted
Lumi Belly
78 / HPS/LB
Holo Pink Silver
Lumi Belly
87 / GCM/LB
Gold Copper Minnow

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