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Slash Stick 16.5g sk


Slash Stick 16.5g sk 00069

Innovative lipless lure, ultra compact and aerodynamic,
feature and incredibly realistic shape
and colours. What is totally new on this lure
is the longitudinal lip under the head, which
give to the Slash Stick an erratic and sinuous
movement. Perfect when you need to cast
at long distance with strong wind condition.
Totally saltwater proof components and treble
hooks. Can be used in fresh water for asp and
perch as well.

Hooks : #06 VMC Permanent Steel
Running Depth : 0.2-2.0m
Buoyancy: Sinking
COde : 180-05-1__
Length Wei ght
9.0cm 16.5g

Holo Blu Sardine
15 / bsrd
Blue sardine
67 / HGR
Holo Gold Red
15 / BSRD
Blue Sardine
38 / hrh
holo red head
76 / HSRH
Holo Silver Red Head
20 / BES

£7.99 In stock
colour prb pearl rainbow (0) dsrd dark sardine (0)
Slash Stick 16.5g sk Slash Stick 16.5g sk Slash Stick 16.5g sk Slash Stick 16.5g sk Slash Stick 16.5g sk