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Swimmy Rigged & Unrigged


Swimmy Rigged & Unrigged 00146

As edorsed by Gary Palmer

proffesional pike fishing guide


The Swimmy Rigged is a revolutionary lure combining all the
benefits of soft bait with the simplicity of use typical of
a hard bait. The soft silicone body is scented and
equippedwith aventral genuine VMC treble
hook. Housed inside the body there is a
polycarbonate skeleton that supports the
lip. Really interesting, in addition to the
jointed body, is the tail placed in a horizontal
position to increase movement
on the fall. 15cm

1 per pack rigged 150cm

2 per pack unrigged 120cm

4 per pack unrigged 90cm

Rainbow Trout
Tiger Fish
Koi Minnow

£4.99 In stock
Variation Koi (0) Tigerfish (0) Roach (0) Trout (0) Firetiger (0) Bleak (0) Bleak Unrigged 3 per pack 120cm (0) Bleak Unrigged 4 per pack 90cm (0) Roach Unrigged 3 per pack 120cm (0)
all options bleak tiger fish koi roach trout firetiger