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The rod that is simply the one that explains what trabucco is all about

The rod carries a hollow glass tip rather than an inserted carbon hybrid (FH RIP tubular tip)

A smooth parabolic easy casting action ensure distance with a minimum of fuss

Fuji fittings all through

Reactive and powerful blank made from Super High Modulus CX2 Nano Tek Low Resin Content carbon

• Blank made with 45° and 135° carbon crossing to contrast torque
• A special Tape Grip has been applied to the joints to provide grip during the assembly and dismantling operations
• FH RIP tubolar tip made by fusion of different materials to obtain a spineless and extremely sensitive top section
• Zero Friction Blank finish that rejects moisture and water drops to avoid line sticking to the rod
• The top end of the tip is colored with highly visible paint and tape

Strength, accuracy and reliability are at the

highest level, with the original Fuji screw
reel seat made from graphite and stainless
steel. Rubber lined hoods protect the reel’s
foot from any abrasion
• Fuji K Alconite guides, with stainless steel double leg K frame, fitted with double wrapping to seal their feet from saltwater intrusion
• Fuji DPS graphite screw reel seat with stainless steel hoods
• Exclusive bottom grip with round rubber knob to ensure the best casting control

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