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Trabucco Castforce 5500 XLD Feeder reel

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The micro grooves on spool are the signs
left by CNC machine. This proves that it has
actually been carved from a solid piece of
aluminium to obtain extreme resistance.
• Ultra stiff hi-tech graphite body
• CNC aluminium main spool (shallow)
• Graphite extra spool (deep)
• Traditional bail with Anti Twist line roller
• Micro adjustable drag with oversized washers
• Infinite anti-reverse
• Aluminium handle with rubber knob
• High Strength engineered X-Tra tough body
• 6 Long Life Ball Bearing System
• 1 Roller Bearing
• Infinite One way antireverse system
• Worm Shaft and Slow Oscillation system
• Smart Drag system for superfast opening and
• PTFE coated drag washers
• Stainless steel main shaft
• Aerospace grade aluminium spool
• Twin line clips with different colours
• Lightweight PTFE Spare Spool
• Aluminium Powerbail
• Titanium coated Anti Twist line roller
• CNC Aluminium handle with soft touch knob

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92 cm
Ø 0.23
240 m
1 PTFE 6+1
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