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Travel Bass Spinning Rod Uptide x-current luxury hi spec 5 peice 28g 2.5m

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Saltwater predators fishing from the shore is absolutely booming in recent times.
But this growth is not supported by a production of quality rods, and very often
you can actually see people adapting fresh water rods to their needs, very often
with poor results.

It is evident this adapting is not what a serious angler wants.
That’s why Rapture focused its effort into building a series or shore fishing rods,
dedicated to salt water fishing and nothing else. These efforts produced the Up
Tide series, Super High Modulus Carbon CX-1 blanks, light weight and resistant,
HD-SiC guides, braided friendly and corrosion free, accurate wrappings and top
quality EVA handles.

The Up Tide series is the solution for many, if not all, your
needs. In this series you can find different models, each of them tuned for you
specific salt water need. Choose yours!

Beautiful travel rod built in 5 sections. The medium action allows you
to use different kinds of baits and a pretty wide range of weights. Cured
in every detail, it is one of the finest travel rods on the market. It
can be used in a number of situations and it is powerful enough to
land big fishes

125-90-600 8'3"-2.50m long 55cm closed length 5 section HT action Max 28g Max 16 lb line

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