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XPS Power Core Hollow Elastic

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Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials
available and to the strictest quality standards,
using the twin core hollow system. The core is strong
and durable, making it more powerful, while the outer
layer increase smoothness. Power Core not only stretches further,
but also retracts faster, which is without doubt a massive benefit.
Available in 6 sizes to cover any pole fishing situation

Double Core Latex
Smoother Surface
High Stretch
Retracts Faster
Dualphase Action
Self Lubricated

102-05-180/5 3.0m 1.80 5-8
102-05-210/5 3.0m 2.10 6-10
102-05-230/5 3.0m 2.30 10-14
102-05-250/5 3.0m 2.50 12-16
102-05-270/5 3.0m 2.70 14-18
102-05-300/5 3.0m 3.00 16-20

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