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XPS Soft Max Leader 50m spools for rig bodies , leader line and traces sale price

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When fishing with natural bait or lure, the leader and rig bodies s suppleness

can make the difference between success and failure,

because it can afflict bait presentation.

Apart from suppleness, one of the most important features are abrasion and

shock resistance, which are both offered by this new line.

In fact, Soft Max has been tailor made to do that job, also

because it’s ultra-soft and – at the same time – shows

a particularly tough surface which protects the core from

barnacles rocks and fish’s teeth.

The remarkable shock resistance comes from the programmed stretching, which

helps hook’s setting as well as absorbing casts and sudden hits like fast

bites, which are so common in saltwater fishing.

The line is crystal clear and shows a very high knot strength.

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