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maxxis sk series Carp runner

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This big version of Free Runners is exceptional for big fish in both
freshwater and the sea. Fitted with four sealed anti-corrosion ball
bearings and an unlimited anti-reverse roller bearing. Aluminum
spare spool, anti-tangle system, flow concept bail, worm shaft
cross winder, one-piece forged fishing handle with oversize ergonomic
grip. TheLight aluminum alloy body which gives exceptional
lightness and extraordinary power are the hallmarks that make
this item outstanding in the market today.
032-75-600 6000 578 4.8:1(90cm) Ø 0.35mm-330m - 7+1
032-75-800 8000 676 4.8:1(98cm) Ø 0.35mm-350m 1 7+1
032-75-990 10000 830 4.3:1(104cm) Ø 0.40mm-300m 1 7+1
032-75-601 Maxxis SK FD 6000 Spare Spool
032-75-801 Maxxis SK FD 8000 Spare Spool
032-75-991 Maxxis SK FD10000 Spare Spool

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